We are Monster & Devices.

We truly believe in motion power and strength of the gesture.

Our mission is clear. To improve the communication between the human and technology in the world full of buttons. We know it's quite a task, but we just love tough challenges. Common passion and skills of our crew creates the possibility for new technologies to be born. Create the chance to break the boundries.

Create the chance to become a part of technological revolution that has already started. We focus our research on two main fields: Image Analysis and Space Analysis. The solutions that we provide are covering the complex algorithms of 3D anaysis and depth sensors. We explore new fields giving You brand new solutions. Just test them by yourself.

What we do?

Monster & Devices is a technological company specialized in image analysis and depth sensor research based on market existing sensors.

We push on to create the complex algorithms of 3D anaysis using existing depth sensors.

Working on own depth sensor available in the nearest future aswell.

We support wide range of solutions starting from education sector, trough business and entertainment up to industry.

We are the Polish Academic Innovation Leader 2014 Award Owners in Innovative Product Category.

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